Golf Bundle




The SP ConnectTM GOLF BUNDLE lets you securely attach your smartphone to any golf trolley with its patented twist to lock mechanism. Fasten the UNIVERSAL MOUNT with its Velcro strap and you are ready to attach the PHONE CASE to use your golf apps and receive messages or use the camera to analyze your golf swing. Protect your phone against rain or sand with the WEATHER COVER.


Phone Case

  • Slim, protective, functional
  • 3-layer case construction for ultimate safeguarding
  • Use of all ports and buttons

Weather Cover

  • Protects against rain, sand and dust
  • Additional shock resistance for your phone

Universal Mount

  • Toolless fastening and adjusting
  • 360°rotation/6° increments



1x Phone Case
1x Weather Cover
1x Universal Mount
1x StandTool

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